Okay, not like that. The best way to help this wiki, is set rules. I think the best thing to do, is argue about the rules. That's why, this blog will just be the part where the admins can state some rules, that can be changed, to help the wiki. I know, I'm not a big person in this wiki, but I have been stated in many fannon wikis in being a hard worker. I do hope people can possibly state some rules here, and argue them. The worst thing, is we don't have a page for so many rules. So, any admins, or soon to be admins, state some rules we have, and some that you don't like. It could really help this wiki get up, and clash with some of the best out there.

I will start, with writing format. Should we have a certain writing format? A story of Toriko should be like, and feel like Toriko. But do we really have power over someone on how they write it? What's the difference between:

Toriko: I like food


Toriko, cheerly states,

"I like food!"

Should that be a rule for writing stories?