Turbine Dragon
Beast Type Vast White Beast (Dragon Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price White Nirvana Oil, 998,000,000 yen
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World Shangri-La

The Turbine Dragon is a powerful but friendly Gourmet World beast, and a resident of the flying haven, Shangri-La. An echelon for justice, the Turbine Dragon sores the skies in search of a true hero in which to partner with, so as to fight those who upset the balance of the Gourmet World. It is currently without a partner but is seeking one who truly harmonizes with the ingredients and cares for the Gourmet world as is.

The beast often comes into great conflict with Mahaclaro, as the dragon considers the undead chef a curse on the gourmet world, but has yet to devise a way to kill the zombie menace.

The Dragon is considered to the fastest creature in Shangri-La and can easily surpass the speed of sound. It's turbine like tail, the reason for its name, is also the reason for its incredible speed. When fully active it starts to glow red and can reach speeds up to mach 5.

It is at this speed that it begins to produce a special type of coolant oil to keep itself from over heating. The only successful way to harvest the oil is to be chosen as the dragons partner and survive a trip at hypersonic speeds. When collected the oil can be prepared into the White Nirvana Oil. A type of frying oil that is said to be pure as the clouds and able to fry anything to a light, heavenly perfection.