Tower City is the only known city in the Gourmet World. It is comprised of towers that reach the sky and form a city like structure. It is the home of the Nihillistic Dragon and the dragon dwells in the tallest tower, 999 trillion floors up. The city is abandoned and is infested with monsters. The monsters are easy at first but soon get a lot harder to deal with. Nothing is known of what lies beyond the city. Numerous well known ingredients lay within the city ruins and are for the taking if one can get beyond the beasts inside. It is also said that when the Nihillistic Dragon lays its egg every 1 million years, the wildlife in the city promptly vanishes in fear. It is known as the hunters graveyard as even whole armies of gourmet hunters have attempted to take the city but were wiped out by the wildlife in it. The tallest tower in whic the Nihlistic Dragon makes its home in overlooks the entire eastern part of the gourmet world. It is able to maintain as much air on the top as is does on the ground so an observation post could be set up and maintained on top of the tower. This city is currently the candidate for Talon Companies base of operations in the Gourmet World.