Name Tensei
Kanji 転生
Romanji Tensei
Aliases Sapphire Dragon Tensei
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 28
Professional Status
Affiliation Royal Dragons
Occupation Bishokuya
Partner Jakuro
Personal Status
Relatives None
Status Alive

Tensei, better known as the Sapphire Dragon Tensei, is a bishokuya and the 35th descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Sapphire, a style used to hunt beasts. He is the second stronger user of this generation of the Royal Dragons, just losing to Scorpien. He is partner of Jakuro the 44th chef currently ranked by IGO.


Tensei is a tall man with remarkable scars in all body caused by his fight with Scorpien to decide the strongest Royal Dragon three years ago. He has a black spiky hair and golden eyes. He uses a black coat over a white shirt and a tie, black pants and black boots.


Tensei is a cruel and angry man, without any mercy. Like Scorpien, he is very confident of his powers and because of that he understimates his enemies. He refers to his opponents as being his prey. He has a

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mystic Dragon Style, Form: SapphireEdit

He is the 35th descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Sapphire, a style used to hunt beasts inspired by the Sapphire King, one of the descendants of the Nocturne King. The style consists in using special techniques to hit directly on the enemy's Chackra Points, to deactivate some body functions.

Muay ThaiEdit

He knows how to fight Muay Thai in order to complement his style.

Tensei's Intimidation


He has a intimidation like many others powerful fighters, his intimidation, like the others Mystic Dragon Style users, is a dragon of the color of his style.

Full CourseEdit

Course Ingredient Capture Level
Hors-D'oeuvre: Shoku Bird Egg 62
Soup: Undecided
Fish Dish: Roasted Aki Eel 58
Meat Dish: Jewel Meat 48
Main: Undecided
Salad: Undecided
Dessert: Gora Pineapple 60
Drink: Red Lagoon 56