more commonly referred to as just "Wukong" is a Legendary Gourmet Hunter that achieved supreme power and the charted entirely new levels of "Food Honor" that allowed him to obtain immortality and godhood. Wukong has since become "The Monkey King" of a planet mostly dominated by alien ape beasts just outside the solar system. He was once a man, just like any other, but because of the ingredients that he consumed in his lifetime, aswell as the incredible awareness of food honor he achieved, he transcended humanity and mortality alltogether. He serves as a mentor of Gourmet Chef Jordan.


Wukong is immortal and is subsequently eternally youthful. He achieved this by consuming key ingredients that enriched his body to such a level of flawlessness, he became prime indefinately. It is unknown what Wukong looked like prior to his "Gourmet Transformation" though he currently appears as a muscular martial artist with heavily tan skin, and silver body hair that grows on his arms. He has long hair which frays backwards wildly and is very spiky, and has a long apes tail growing out of his tailbone, dressed in a martial arts combat suit. Wukong did not always take on this appearance, though it was permanent after his "final transformation". It is easy to see why he is called "The Monkey King" due to the fact he does bare some high resemblence to that of an ape-like creature, but otherwise he is completely humanoid.


Wukong is very wise and righteous. He has achieved a great deal of food honor and is genius of battle and martial arts. He uses the power of a martial artist as the main focus of his abilities and went down as a legend in the history of planet earth. He is merciful and ever forgiving, but he is not naive. Many children have grown up to become gourmet hunters because of the inspiration Wukong has set forward for them. Wukong as a man of justice and peace, and uses his immense power for the sake of the universe and its inhabitants. However, he does like to engage in battle for recreation. He loves to test his power and the powers of others as a means of sport, and can come across as being arrogant at times because of this due to just how high he towers over most other powerful creatures in the known world.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit