Shambala Bird
Beast Type Bird Beast (Deity Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price 50,000,000,000 yen (Whole beast)
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Shangri-La)
Related Species Shangyang South Bird

The Shambala Bird is an immensely powerful and dangerous Gourmet World Beast, as well as the number 4 Gourmet World Ruler. Known as the Empress of Winds she dominates the Sky Kingdom of Shangri-La with Iron talons and a fierce ability to control the winds. Known for her infamous temper, it is said that unless a creature has the ability to fly, she will mercilessly cut it down.

The Shambala Birds hatred comes from thousands of years ago, when her Empire of Wings fought against the Kingdom of Snakes. In a fierce battle that left both sides devastated, she managed to kill the King of Snakes and feasted on his flesh to recover her energies. After the battle she grew an intense hunger for all land based creatures, but instead turned her hunger to hatred (So as to not offend her pride by eating inferior creatures)