Beast Type Demon Beast (Dark Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price No value as foodstuffs
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Dark Circus Canyon)
Related Species Shakkayumi

The Shakkaku also known as the Dark General is a powerful dark beast in the gourmet world, and one of the mysterious members of the Dark Circus Troupe.

Once a creature of heaven, a dangerous and disastrous rebellion sent him crashing to the Gourmet World. Not satisfied with simply stripping the beast of paradise, the gourmet gods cursed the fallen beast with darkness. Forever tainting him beyond the hope of redemption. Cursed to live as a dark beast, the Shakkaku went on a rampage through the Gourmet World, and even attacked the human world in it's desperation. It is thought the calamitous first strike of the human world war, which was ended by GOD, was caused by the Shakkaku.

Angered that the name of Dark beasts were being further cursed, the great Shakkayumi descended upon the Shakkaku and stopped it's rampage. Instead offering it a change to focus it's rage in a noble cause and perhaps redeem itself to the Gourmet gods. Now the second in command of the Dark Circus troupe, the Shakkaku devastates the world with ancient high magic and an army of shadow monsters that fell with him from paradise.