Saṃsāra Spider
Beast Type Deva Insect (Deity Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price Golden Road thread, value impossible to measure.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Palace of Sangrāra)
Related Species Kapu Kamui

The Saṃsāra Spider is an extremely dangerous Gourmet beast that exists in the Gourmet world. Known as the Spinner of Karma, This beast is thought to have the ability to determine fate and predict the future. It is highly sought after for its silk threads, which when read correctly can be used to read the lines of the future.

Despite its diminutive size, being no larger than a common tarantula, it's known as an extremely cruel and merciless beast. It uses its magical threads to weave destinies of destruction making it far more powerful then even the Gourmet world Rulers. Luckily the Spider has little interest in mindless destruction, and only wishes to be left alone.

It commonly resides in its nest, also known in the Gourmet World as the Palace of Sangrāsa. The palace once was regarded as fabulous castle from which a former king ruled, however after the Saṃsāra Spider took an interest in the palace, it weaved fates of death for everyone inside the castle and took residence amongst the corpses. Its layer is filled with the corpses of these people and it is thought to resemble a necropolis.