Rump Ram
Japanese Name ランプ ラム
Romaji Name {{{romaji}}}
Aliases Demon Eater
Cannibal Devil
Beast Type Mammal
Capture Level 44
Height 25ft
Weight 17 tons
Price 100g/210,000 yen (Horns and teeth go for 640,000 yen)
Diet Omnivore
Location Ice Cream Mountain
Abilities Steel-like horns, Agility, Speed, Balance, Endurance, High Metabolism
Related Species Tax Sheep

The Rump Ram is a ferocious mammal beast residing in the frozen dessert region of Ice Cream Mountain. A vicious creature whose taste buds know no bounds. Due to its high metabolism, fast acting enzymes, tough as diamond fangs and powerful jaw it is capable of eating almost anything making its diet one of the most diverse seen among beasts in the Human World. It is capable of eating almost any manner of vegetables, fruits, meats, minerals and even some metals, it has even displayed the willingness to feed on members of its own kind if the need arises. They are also very territorial and will relentlessly attacks any foreign being that dare enters its domain. Males are known to fight amongst eachother as a sign of strength, with the winner usually being preferred by the females and the loser ending up as the winner's next meal. Despite their rather cold environment, they can survive in other climates as well -with the exception of deserts and tropical regions- as such they have been sighted in other locations as well, however even one of these beasts leaving its natural habitat can lead to horrible changes in the ecosystem as these creatures become more frenzied and hungrier in tempered environments, thus even one can lay waste to entire valleys and forests in no less than 2 days and on one occasion one of these creatures drove 2 species to extinction and 4 species to near extinction, as such it has been labeled by the IGO as a "Level 4 Natural Disaster" and should be either killed or captured on site if spotted outside its homeland (however this is often times easier said than done).