Japanese Name ロイシクル
Romaji Name Roishikuru
Aliases Roy (by Roho)
Beast Type Mammal
Capture Level 1
Location Plain Field
Abilities Snow Coat

Roadenicle is the blue mutated rat which is rare species. The Roadenicles is the ice element creature who lives on the Plain Land and Snowy Blizzard.



Roadenicles has the ice attacks that can easily beat the enemies around them. Every Roadenicles bites the enemies such as Tubafish and Snowtopper because it has Gem Meats. The Roadenicles' teeth were powerful and chews the meats easily.

The wild Roadenicle's attacks are Icy ClawBlizzard Breath and Cold Crush.

One Roadenicle was Roy the Roadenicle who used slashing techniques. Roy main used Blizzard Sword and Cold Climate, a strongest attack at all.


  • Roadenicles were similarite of Raticicle from Crash.

Other LanguagesEdit

Language Title Meaning
20px-Japan Flag Japanese ロイシクル Roishikuru
20px-Japan Flag Korean 칠리쥐 Chilli Jwi