This article covers actual fan-made entries that were submitted to either Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro or Toei Animation but did not get the chance to appear in the manga or anime. As such these articles must cover only what their original authors designated for their creations.
Japanese Name Onion
Romaji Name {{{romaji}}}
Aliases OniOn, ONI-on
Beast Type Vegetable
Capture Level Unknown

The Oni-on is a rare onion that somewhat resembles the head of a one-horned Oni (japanese ogre), having brooding mean-looking eyes, a stalk resembling a yellow spiraled horn, a mouth full of sharp teeth, a large nose, and furry and pointy eyebrows and some black markings near its horns resembling hair.

It changes color depending on its mood, when normal it has the white coloring of a regular onion, if calm or sleeping it is blue, and when angered it turns red and vicious.