Nihilistic Bat
Beast Type Bat (Nothingness Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price 900,000,000 yen for bone helm.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World
Related Species Oblivion Bat

The Nihilistic Bat is an extremely powerful gourmet beast that resides in the Gourmet World, and is one of the few Nothingness beasts that is still alive. While humanoid in appearance the Bat is far more intelligent and is regarded at the most brilliant beast on the planet. Like other nothingness beasts it is a solitary hunter who constantly wonders the world, seeking and doing nothing until it finally dies of exhaustion. However whenever it crossed the path of another beast is is quick to fight and tear its opponent apart.

A fighter who is only outmatched by the ten rulers of the gourmet world, even the most primal of beast know to stay clear of its path. Nealy impossibly to catch, its helmet of bone can be boiled into the finest broth on the planet. Every other part of its body is virtually inedible.

The tears that collect within the helmet are the reason for its taste, so the more miserable the bat, the richer the flavor. Experienced chiefs say the instant before its death is when the bats helm reaches its apex in flavor, because after it dies the taste is quick to spoil.