Beast Type Star Beast (Deity Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price Nights Blessing, impossible to measure
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Night sky)

The Nightmaster also known as, Daidarabotchi, Datara, Kamui, and Avarakkara.The Nightmaster is a powerful and mysterious Gourmet World beast who's origins are surrounded in as much mystery the birth of the planet itself. Less of an actual beast and more of a force of nature, the Nightmaster was said to have raiseds the night sky and with it the stars and planets. All manner of Gourmet World beasts bow to it's power, as all creatures are forced to bow beneath the heavenly bodies.

It appears every night in different areas of the gourmet world walking and accepting all manner of gifts bestowed upon it. Even the gourmet world rulers must pay tribute to the beast. On it's back are an infinite amount of delicious foods and offerings, all gathered in the endless span of it's life time. To partake in the Nightmaster's food is paramount to obtaining the very secrets of immortality, as any food given from the Nightmaster are foods that are free from the powers of time and space,much like the Nightmaster itself.

Once millions of years ago, it is said that ignorant humans attacked and wounded the Nightmaster when it was in a vulnerable state. In retaliation, the Nightmaster summoned a star to Earth, destroying all life and forcing the world to begin a new. It is thought that this calamity was what cause the Gourmet Age to begin, and allowed the advent of gods such as Cho Śākyamuni and Senju Kannon to remake the planet.

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