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Niccoli Panini
Name Niccoli Panini
Kanji ニッコリパニーニ
Romanji Nikkori Panīni
Aliases Violin Emperor
Divine Musician
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Over 300
Professional Status
Affiliation Sounds of Taste
Occupation Gourmet Musician
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Status Alive

Niccoli Panini is a Gourmet Musician and one of the 12 Sounds of Taste masters and is the oldest and most revered member of the group alongside currently deceased member Friedrick Chopan. Holding the position of Gourmet Violinist amongst his fellows, he is considered the greatest violin player of all time, having even been given the title of "Violin Emperor" or "Divine Musician" (the second being a title he shares with Friedrick) and was also even given the honor of being a Gourmet National Treasure but declined due to his belief that music is the true treasure and he is just a vessel for it.

He is a man of ancient age who alongside Friedrick Chopan acted as the meal planner for the legendary "Bishokushin" Acacia, preparing musical works of art for many of his meals. This eventually would inspire the birth of the current modern day occupation Gourmet DJ which also plans meals and plays music (albeit prerecorded) during meals for those who request it.


  • He is based on real life and world renowned violinist Niccolo Paganini (1782 - 1840) who is considered one of the greatest violinists in recorded history.
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