Monzaemon Dragon
Beast Type Dragon Beast (Chakra Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Makara Fang, value impossible to measure.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Karma Valley)
Related Species Goji Giant

Mandala Tree

The Monzaemon Dragon is a Gourmet World beast of terrible power, widely regarded as a beast of disaster, it is the second most powerful Gourmet World Beast in existence and the number 2 Gourmet world ruler.

An extension of the Mandala Trees evil, it represents the malice and hatred that exists in the Gourmet world. A being of unbridled evil, it deals out death and destruction in the Mandala Trees place. Though it is an evil and purely destructive force, no attempts have ever been made to stop it. Not even by the absolute strongest beasts like the Bonfire Trio, or the Saṃsāra Spider. The reason being is that the evil the Dragon represents is a necessary part of existence, and killing the dragon could result in a dis balance of the fragile harmony of good and evil.

It along with the Goji Giant (it's symbiotic brother), and the Mandala Tree, form the harmonious Chakra Trio.