Metoman Jellyfish
Beast Type Jellyfish (Metamorphosis Beast)
Capture Level 94
Price 440,300,000 yen (Whole beast), Grilled Meta Sushi
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (WuFu Shing-Bu Sea)

The Metoman Jellyfish, is an extremely powerful gourmet beast that resides in the Gourmet World. A migratory beast, the Metoman Jellyfish is constantly traveling across the gourmet world but always returns to its nest hidden within the Wu Fu Shing Bu Sea. It said that the eggs of the Jellyfish are worth several million yen on their own, but the whole body of the beast is worth much more.

However the beast is known for its extremely fearsome disposition and will attack anything that gets in its way. However it is typically weaker than most gourmet beast, which leads to its hot blooded nature getting it killed. It is said that the longer it lives the more intelligent it grows, and so does it flavor. The oldest Metoman Jellyfish is said to be over 900 years old and its taste outclasses even the highest of Gourmet beasts.

When caught whole its body can be carefully prepared into the worlds finest sushi.