Mandala Tree
Beast Type Plant Beast (Deity Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Palm of Gods Mountains, Value impossible to measure.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Karma Valley)
Related Species Goji Giant

Monzaemon Dragon

The Mandala Tree is the wolds strongest Gourmet World beast and current absolute ruler of the Gourmet world. A creature of unfathomable power and age, it has held the number 1 spot of the Gourmet World Rulers for over 10 million years. It was the first creature to be born after the Gods gave birth to the gourmet wold, countless eons ago. With palms as large as mountains and hands that can extend to every side of the globe, it rules and protects the Gourmet wold with a gentle and harmonious nature.

Absorbing all earthly sins and blessings, it became a representative of the fragile balance between good and evil. In order to free itself from those influences so as to remain a neutral maintainer of harmony, it created two beasts from its two mains palms. From the left was born the creature of blessings and good, the Goji Giant. From the right hand was born a creature of sins and evil, the Monzaemon Dragon. With it's good and evil gone, the Mandala Tree now represents the center of neutral life and maintains the balance of the Gourmet World. Much like the Bonfire Trio maintains the harmony of Heaven, itself and it's two extensions form the Chakra Trio and maintains the harmony Earth.