Name Macabre
Kanji まかぶれ
Aliases The Mystery Lord; The Assassin General
Race Hanyou
Gender Male
Age 175
Professional Status
Affiliation Hanyou
Personal Status
Status Alive

Macabre, better known as the Mystery Lord and the Assassin General, is a Hanyou and assassin. He is the Hanyou responsible for silent and quick kills.


Macabre's appearence before turn a Hanyou differs from the current, because the reactions toIkhor, though is unknown, but in both, his hair is auburn. In his appearence as Hanyou, his skin is very pale, he has red paintings on his face, his teeth are bestial and his eyes are yellow. He dresses a long white vest and white and black pants.


Macabre is a nothing emotional man, the only apparent emotion of him is his cruelty and liking for killings and deaths, what makes him like of his job as assassin. He is very proud of his reputation as a Hanyou and talented assassin.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical AttributesEdit

His strength, speed, senses and endurance are in a superhuman level, as all the other Hanyou, but he specialized his speed.


As all the Hanyou, Macabre can live a lot more than any human, he can even be immortal.


As the assassin of the Hanyou, Macabre skills are masterful, combining silent steps with a godlike speed and varied and creative methods.

Puppeteer StringsEdit

One of his methods is the use of iron strings to kill his oponents, such as strangling them.


Macabre's Intimidation

Futago no RyuEdit

His another method is using the Futago no Ryu (Twins Dragons), his double dark blades, given by Skara.   


Macabre's intimidation takes form of a giant flying creature.