Longinus Tiger
Beast Type Mammal Beast (Jewel Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Royal Shock Armor, Thunder blu Roast 40,000,000yen 10 grams
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Miliaken Plains)
Related Species Gungnir Lion

The Longinus Tiger is an powerful and mythical gourmet wolf beast, as well as the bother/companion to the Gungnir Lion. Once thought to be the guard of a royal castle of a former king, the tiger is draped in illustrious gold and jewels that could outsell any human wold king or mogul a thousand times over. Under it's armor of jewels is electric skin that shocks any and all to a crisp. It's constantly radiating out millions of volts of power and even being in it's presence can cause severe electrical burns. While not a particularly fierce beast, it's power is great enough to ward off any beast with enough strength to sense the tigers great power.

While it's nearly impenetrable armor and electric skin make it a formidable foe, it's long spear like tail is it's most powerful offense. Covered in razor sharp gold as well, the tigers tail can extend to impossible length and is said to have the ability to pierce all that comes before it.