Name Libre
Kanji りぶれ
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Rozan (apprentice); Royal Dragons (consultant)(former member)
Occupation Royal Dragons' consultant
Personal Status
Relatives Scorpien
Status Alive

Libre was a Bishokuya, is the 44th descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Emerald, former Royal Dragon, Royal Dragons' consultant, master of Rozan and father of Scorpien. He is considered one of the strongest Royal Dragons since the creation of the Mistic Dragon Style.

For unknown reasons he refused to train Scorpien on the Emerald Form, instead, he trained Rozan, and Scorpien was trained by Tonahaw.


Libre looks extremely younger than he truly is, which is assumed to be around 50, he is a very tall and good looking man. He uses a heavier golden armor over all his body. His eyes and hair are white.


Libre is arrogant, sarcastic and, at least with his apprentice, punishing. He shows to have a superiority complex (similar to Scorpien), but at the same time, he is very wise, honored and respectful. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mystic Dragon Style, Form: EmeraldEdit

He is a master on the Emerald Form of the Mystic Dragon Style, which consists in the use of a spear, and is considered one of the strongest descendant of the style. He is so strong that he could beat Scorpien and Tensei  fighting together using just half or less of his strength.

Gold Sun SpearEdit

He is the owner of the legendary Gold Sun Spear, indestructible and evidently better than the Chi Yari.


Libre's intimidation is until now unknown, just is known that is so strong that can intimidate high capture levels Gourmet World Beasts.

Full CourseEdit

Just one course of his Full Course Menu is known.

Course Ingredient

Capture Level

Hors-D'oeuvre: Unknown Unknown
Soup: Unknown Unknown
Fish Dish: Unknown Unknown
Meat Dish: Unknown Unknown


Shakisar Meat Immeasurable
Salad: Unknown Unknown
Dessert: Unknown Unknown
Drink: Unknown Unknown