Hodoku Mouse
Beast Type Center Beast (Holy Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price No Value as Foodstuffs
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World Takamagahara
Related Species Denshi Bunny

The Hodoku Mouse is a great and legendary Gourmet beast that resides between the Gourmet World and Heaven. Created as the emissary of Cho Śākyamuni, the god of food, it's existence is said to bring balance to the entire Gourmet world, and without it the planet would collapse into chaos. Flowing within the balance of Gourmet Heaven, it stands at the center of the Bonfire Trio, Guarded by the Denshi Bunny and the Vánagandr Wolf.

It rests in Takamagahara purifying the earthly sins of the Gourmet World Beasts that come before it as well as absorbing the impurities of the planet itself into its red gem. It is guarded by its protectors with a holy rage. For if the Mouse awakens the sins of the Gourmet Wold would be released, and cause the end of the world.