High Palace Dragon
Beast Type Dragon Beast (Holy Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Feather of the High Dragon, 45,000,000 yen per feather meter
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (City of the High Palace)
Abilities Holy light manipulations, Divine breath

The High Palace Dragon is the current grand guardian of the City of the High Palace and a mighty Holy beast. Born in the crucible of the Gourmet worlds creation, the Dragon was originally selected to be the guardian of the legendary ingredient of GOD, before the Fau Sangri-La's creation. However, the goddess Cho Śākyamuni saw a dark pride in the arrogant Dragons heart and refused him. Instead she tasked the dragon with the safeguarding of the first human establishment in the gourmet wold, the City of the High Palace. Enraged, the dragon abandoned his post and tried to fight with the goddesses chosen dragon Fau Shangri-La. However, the great dragon was defeated by the gourmet World ruler and forced back into his given task. For the last several eons the dragon had been begrudgingly guarding the city, and despite it's still bruised ego, it had indeed begun to love and cherish the citizens of the city is had guarded for a thousand lifetimes.

Despite it's defeat at the hands of the number 5 gourmet world ruler, the Dragon is still a Gourmet world beast of the highest caliber, that coupled with its Holy Beast status makes it a creature to be highly respected and feared. It also has the abilities to command and even create Feirce War Gods, the lesser protectors of the city, by manipulating it's fallen feathers with it's holy breath.