Name Hakai
Kanji 破壊
Aliases Perdition Dragon; Fallen Dragon; Darkness Emperor
Race Hanyou
Gender Male
Age 150 (appears to have 30)
Professional Status
Affiliation Royal Dragons (former)
Occupation Bishokuya (former)
Personal Status
Relatives None
Status Alive

Hakai, better known as Perdition Dragon Hakai, Fallen Dragon Hakai and Darkness Lord, is a Hanyou , former Bishokuya, former Royal Dragon, and the 22nd descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Darkness, the sixth, and one of the lost, form of the Mystic Dragon Style.

In his times of Bishokuya, he was a friend of Vargo, Libre's father, until he became a Hanyou..


Hakai is described as being beautiful, his skin is very pale, his hair is long and black, and his eyes are from a deep green color. He wears a black full body armor with wings details over all it and a red cape.


Hakai is a cold man, he can easily kill in cold blood without feel any remorse. After turn a Hanyou, he became destitute of any emotion.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AttributesEdit

As a Hanyou, Hakai has his physical attributes, as well as his senses, in a superhuman level, higher than the physical attributes granted from the Gourmet Cells.


As all the Hanyou, Hakai can live a lot more than any human, he can even be immortal.

Mystic Dragon Style, Form: DarknessEdit

He is the 22nd descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Darkness, which is still unknown.

Hakai's Intimidation

Sword SkillsEdit

His ability with swords is excellent.


His intimidation takes form of a giant dark dragon (said by him that is the Darkness King itself).