Grillo Grasshopper
Beast Type Insect (Dark Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Unknown.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World

The Grillo Grasshopper is an extremely powerful gourmet beast that resides in the Gourmet World, and is regarded as the King of Insects. An insect by classification it is more commonly known as a Dark Beast due to its destructive nature and general appearance. As such its appetite and taste is unknown, as Dark Beasts often hold extremely delicious or extremely foul flavor.

The only edible food the grasshopper produces is a sweet nectar that can be processed into the, Grillo Honey Beer, an incredibly delicious drink with a high alcohol content. The nectar is only produced for a short time after a female grasshopper gives birth, in which she feeds the nectar to her new children. The nectar is highly guarded by the mother and her vicious newborns. If obtained, the nectar is said to have an incredibly bright but smooth flavor, which varies depending on the grasshoppers diet.

The only person who was able to master and cook the beast is Gourmet Artisan, Fontinegra

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