Gladius Divinus Flammae Arden
Other Names Divine Sword of Blazing Conflagration, Great Grand Burning Knife
Creator(s) (Unknown) Currently wielded by Artur
Function Combat and preparation of specially prepared heat resistant ingredients
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The Gladius Divinus Flammae Arden (Lit: Latin, Divine Sword of Blazing Conflagration) Also known as Great Grand Burning Knife is a mythological weapon of devastating power in the Gourmet world. Created for the preparation of heat resistant ingredients the blade can reach such high temperatures that it begins to cause a breakdown in the sub atomic level and even defy the laws of thermonuclear physics and thermodynamics. Thus the blade is far more powerful then it's lesser adaptation the Burner Knife, and only rivaled by that of the Διος Λογχη or it's ice and Earth counterparts. It is currently wielded by Artur of Flame, though it is unknown how he came to posses it.