Gekkou Chikarahara Bodhisattva Cho Śākyamuni
Vital statistics
Title Mother of the First Feast, The God of Food, Gekkou Chikarahara Bodhisattva Cho Śākyamuni
Gender Female
Race Unknown (Presumed Divine)
Skills Nativity of a Gourmet World
Abilities Able to create any Food
Full course The Food of the Planet
Status Alive
Partner Senju Bodhisattva Kannon Kakuan Azushura

"Let us offer Earth the greatest Blessing. In the name of our glorious gourmet, may the feast guide us to victory!"

Gekkou Chikarahara Bodhisattva Cho Śākyamuni or more commonly known as Cho Śākyamuni is the God of all food, and the first purveyor of the worlds Feast. Often appearing a a young girl draped in gold she is worshiped within the Gourmet World, as none in the Human World are aware of her true existence.

Created as a goddess of mercy she looked upon the young world with sadness, as the only thing that could sustain the young humans was dirt and water. Knowing the Humans could never learn to live with the meager food of the planet, she split apart her own body, and from her blood rose crops, and grain, and every manner of delicious fruits and vegetables. From her discarded flesh, animals and Gourmet beasts were born. So from Cho Śākyamuni's body the Human were allowed to feast and eat their fill.

However the humans were naive, as they did not know how to prepare the new and fantastic food. Cho Śākyamuni, being too weak after her sacrifice, asked Senju Bodhisattva Kannon Kakuan Azushura, her friend and God of Faith, to prepare the food and teach the humans. Senju Kannon descended to the world and prepared every ingredient Cho Śākyamuni had given birth to. So was born the first feast, and from Cho Śākyamuni's ingredients and Senju Kannon's cooking the Gourmet age and Gourmet world was born.

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