Feirce War Gods
Beast Type Titan Beast (Deity Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Genji Staff, Value impossible to measure
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (City of the High Palace)
Related Species High Palace Dragon

The Fierce War Gods are a collection of powerful artificial gourmet World beasts that guard the inner city of the City of the High Palace. Created in the same line of thinking as the Fisher King Titan, the War Gods were made with far more stable ingredients and animated with less volatile materials. This created a far weaker type of creature to the Gourmet World ruler, but a more obedient and controllable beast.

Armed with the great Genji staff, these gigantic grand humanoid beasts are creatures of a dueled personalities. While they can often be seen walking around the city and even befriending the human residence of the City of the High Palace, they can quickly turn into savage monsters and live up to their names when the city is threatened. Literally devouring the beasts or otherwise that try to invade their home. And while their strength is at the far lower end of the gourmet world beasts, their sheer numbers and unusually savage natures more then make up for it.