Denshi Bunny
Beast Type Balance Beast (Holy Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price No Value as Foodstuffs
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World Takamagahara
Related Species Hodoku Mouse

The Denshi Bunny is an extremely powerful gourmet world beast and is part of the blessed Bonfire Trio, who protect the balance of life and death in the Gourmet World.

The Denshi Bunny resides at the mouth of Takamagahara and guard the entrance as its first wall of protection. However the Denshi bunny is not a protector, but rather a guide. Whenever a person dies in the Gourmet World the Denshi bunny descends from Takamagahara and takes the Persons soul to the mouth of Takamagahara, where it is further guided by the Vánagandr Wolf to the Hodoku Mouse, where it's sins are purified and allowed to pass on.

However if the Denshi Bunny encounters a beast or person who's sins are too great and terrible to be cleansed by the Hodoku Mouse, it will take on a fearsome appearance and cast the creature into Hell.