The democratic republic of malabar is a country 75 times the size of Russia. It is ruled by the Supreme Marshal of Malabar, Khan Noonien Singh, a dictator who combined the tactics of Stalin, Hitler, Kim jong Il, Hussein, Vlad Tepes and other dictators. The country has 96 billion citizens who are constantly under threat by the totalitarian government. It is a police state that wishes to use its resources for an invasion of the Gourmet World. In preparation for an invasion, the country maintains surveilance on the IGO and its citizens. The dictator has a 4 quadrillion yen bounty on his head for murdering over the course of his reign 6 billion citizens in power preserving measures. he maintains rule through commisars who confiscate any food beyond the rationed amount for the governments use. he also uses labor camps, secret prisons and other facilities used by dictatorships. The propaganda of the country is a mix of Nazi-Communist-North Korean and blasts the IGO as a decadent mix of nations that pride themselves on gluttony. The country was liberated from its dictatorship in an 80 year long war with the IGO. The 4 kings personally killed Khan and are treated as gods in the country. Since then, the country has served as the IGO's industrial power. The country waits for the signal to go into the gourmet world for an exploration mission.