The Chef Capture Level, or simply CCL, is a numerical rating applied by the Neo-Bishokukai that indicates the physical power and, to some extent, the combat prowess of a certain human target. This scale gained its name because it was developed to measure the strength of the chefs taking part in in the 102nd Cooking Fest.

With 1 being the score of an average human, a chef with a CCL of at least 80 is able to enter the Gourmet World. Scores higher than 99 cannot be measured via an ordinary Measuring Visor and require a much more powerful computer, called Measuring Camera, which, due to its size, cannot be worn around the head. The measuring is not perfect, however, as it can be fooled by high-class techniques such as Food Honor, like in Haku's case.

While Bishokuya and Neo-Bishokukai are given a Measuring Visor starting from the rank of Captain, Measuring Cameras are kept inside various bases and never taken to a battlefield, as they have the advantage of being able to estimate a CCL just by analizing a recording.