• Phantombeast

    Bonfire or any of the other admins from Toriko Wiki, before you decided to just abruptly delete this because of the writer, I want to tell you all something. I was wrong for trying to enforce a different style on people, especially for a place that was suppose to be fun for everyone. While I understand what me and the few did was wrong, there was a need for stability in this place and that was the reason this entire wiki hasn't had a single new update in months. I'm not here to insult or show off, what I'm here is because I want the Toriko Fan Fiction Wiki I've made to have some kind of allegiance with the main wiki in terms of being allowed to be viewed by those who want to see it. I've tried a number of times yes, my last ending with a r…

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  • Bonfires

    Second Synphony

    April 20, 2014 by Bonfires

    Hello everyone.

    I'm sure you've seen over the last few weeks a great deal of changes. Of fighting, disagreements, and movements towards and away from the things we all want. There are those who have put forth rules that we, as a wiki, have disagreed with. And as they are free to make up their minds as they wish, those individuals have decided to leave us, and create their own world.

    I put forth that all of us, all of you are free to do the same. If at any time to feel that this is no longer an environment that you are comfortable with, please feel free to seek independence elsewhere. But before that drastic a step is taken, I highly encourage that you speak with me or another admin.

    We are here to nurture creativity, provide an outlet for ope…

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  • PrinceAladdin2

    Hey everyone. For those of you who don't know, (i.e. everyone), I, among others, am a fan of the articles of the user Bonfires, along with several others. However, due to the desire of other users on the wiki, the admins are being more or less forced to delete those articles, along with several others. As such, I'm creating this blog to garner support for the restoration of those articles that have already been deleted, and the protection of those that have not been. While restrictions are necessary to ensure a controlled wiki, those same restrictions should not hamper creativity, as they appear to be doing in this case. To show support, please leave a response.

    Update: Hey everyone, again. Just letting you know that Bonfires's articles hav…

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  • Djoletz

    Property Bar

    April 12, 2014 by Djoletz

    Hello everyone, I'm Djoletz, but you can call me DJ. Considering this wiki is going to start to grow, I thought that I should make this blog. Now, this blog is going to be about Property Bar's. They basically show the readers of the articles whose work that article is. This bar also stands for editing the page. This means that the article, for example article Kaido, whose owner is Phantombeast can only be edited by him, because that is his article. For new user's I suggest that they put a property bar on their page, because the user's who are regulate character creation can contact the maker of the article and inform him about the mistakes he made.

    Now you are probably wondering how to put this property bar, right? Well, I will teach you ho…

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  • The Forgotten Beast

    As some of you know, many did not seem to approve of Bonfires becoming admin and I am sorry things did not work out. But since the wiki needs an admin I have been asked to adopt the wiki and have made this blog for you to share your opinions on the matter. As you all know, I am a responsible user and always treat everyone respectfully and expect everyone to do the same with fellow users and to follow the guidelines and to always be civil with others. Thank you for reading and I hope to receive your support.

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  • Nobody700

    CAN YOU FEEL IT?! CAN YOU FEEL THE BLOODLUST?! Sorry. I mean, change. Now, we are having new admins pop up. So why not... See who is still standing. I will message all the users here, this link, and post in the comments here. But don't say 'here'. Say 'SHUT UP NOBODY, WE'RE TOO BUSY BEING AWESOME!'. It would make my day.

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  • Nobody700

    How to help this wiki!

    March 29, 2014 by Nobody700


    Okay, not like that. The best way to help this wiki, is set rules. I think the best thing to do, is argue about the rules. That's why, this blog will just be the part where the admins can state some rules, that can be changed, to help the wiki. I know, I'm not a big person in this wiki, but I have been stated in many fannon wikis in being a hard worker. I do hope people can possibly state some rules here, and argue them. The worst thing, is we don't have a page for so many rules. So, any admins, or soon to be admins, state some rules we have, and some that you don't like. It could really help this wiki get up, and clash with some of the best out there.

    I will start, with writing format. Should we have a certain writing form…

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  • Dreyar

    Hold Up

    March 29, 2014 by Dreyar

    Hey guys, Yahoo here. I know the wiki's gotten really active lately and I know you're all excited to share your ideas, (i am too) but can you guys wait to publish any more pages. We're trying to complete a set of guidlines for characters and it would be beneficially to everyone if you all knew them before publishing. So please just hold on until the rules are finalized. Thank you

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  • Zetarion

    Hey y'all, it's me Alpha Olphion here to bring you all some news. First of all, sadly, User:Perchan is dealing with some personal issues, so she's unable to help at the moment, having her hands full at the time. Trust me, if you knew her personally, then you can tell at a glance that she's a very good admin to work with. So, for know, I'll be in charge of decorating the wikia - which brings me to our second piece of news. Below this are five toriko-related images that I think would make for a good background.

    Now, in an orderly fashion, vote for the one that you think suits the site best (in the comments section obviously :P). The winner will be decided with the most votes and thus become the wikia's new background. I'm also currently working…

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  • Phantombeast

    Hello all, I am phantombeast, and I would like to welcome you all to the new changing Toriko Fanon wiki, and first off I would like to thank Bonfire for deciding to change this wiki for the better, and I hope to do all I can to aid in it. Now I am sure many of you will want to have your favorite characters to be on your side, but I am here to post a blog on potential rules that one must go through in order to fully have permission to make a canon character on here.

    1. To begin, a person must have the permission of one admin, and must also explain a proper reason for how their character changed from being part of their original status to how they become what the user plans for them to be. Example would be "Chin-chin left the Gourmet Temple afte…

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  • Bonfires


    March 24, 2014 by Bonfires

    Hi guys.

    Okay here's the ting. I've recently applied to adopt the wiki since we don't really have formal leadership here, but wiki central has put a few stipulations.

    First is just to drum up a little more activity on the wiki, from myself and others.

    Also, it would be best if we all started communicating about the problems and issues we may have on here. It's best if we're connected because central wants to see that we can resolve our problems together without getting into fights.

    It would also be a good idea if we decide leadership now. Like who's the best choice for an admin and such.

    Please post comments here and let's try to have a good talk about things.

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  • Zeon1

    Yep. Yep, we're heading towards it. Midora's gonna turn evil next chapter, most likely Obito style. Called it. Called it. Though I'm still hoping we get more reasons than what reason I think we're gonna get. Anyway, onto the review!

    • Good art, at least for the males and food.
    • Nice twist at the end of the story, if not unexpected.
    • Interesting addition to the Gourmet Cells mythos, could really effect the future chapters.
    • Great background art in this one. Really, other manga can't really hold a candle to it this week.
    • Good funny moments, especially with Jirou's punishment and his sudden not-very-big name change. Also, Ichiryu's alcohol problem: hilarious.

    • Meh female art. Shimabakuro's getting better, so this won't be a biggie, but it's still a bit d…

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  • Zeon1

    Welcome to the Toriko Review Corner's first installent! We now present our gracious host, Zeon1!


    Hey, this is Zeon here, with this week's Toriko review! You're all free to persecute me for my opinons on the chapters and express your own in the comment section below. Though, be warned, if you insult me in a rude or crude fashion, I cannot say I will not reply in kind. Please comment respectfully and in an adult manner. Anyway, onto the review. Some spoilers will follow.

    I rather liked this chapter, mostly because it was a nice change of pace from the blood-soaked arc we've been going through (the anime version's gonna be horrid). Anyway, we got some more info on Midora's backstory, as well as a glimpse on young Jirou and Ichiryuu. P…

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