Vital statistics
Title Artur of Flame, Chef of Ashes, Sibling of Fire
Gender Male
Race Sibling
Skills Nova Cooking
Abilities Fire Manipulation, Gladius Divinus Flammae Arden
Full course Unfinished
Affiliations The Siblings, City of the High Palace
Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner None

Artur of Flame, also known as the Chef of Ashes, is one of the 4 Great Sibling of the City of the High Palace, and serves the city's ruler the King of the High Palace as one of his personal chefs.

Known as the furious Sibling of Fire Artur is a passionate chef who specializes in the perpetration of incredibly heat resistant ingredients. Aggressive, temperamental and always adventurous, Artur's abilities in cooking are only out weighed in his exquisite gourmet fighting abilities. His ability to manipulate flame from his own inhuman body far outclass other fire type fighters, and can exceeded temperatures to reduce even lesser flames to ash. His supremacy is unmatched in fire combat and with it even defeated the great, Starjun of the Bishokukai, another well known fire combatant.

He is currently ranked as number 8, in IGO's top 100 Gourmet World ranked Chefs.