Name Arcadias
Kanji アルカディアス
Romanji Arukadiasu
Aliases The Death Thousand Beast
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives All of the Beast Memories (siblings)
Galaxias (rivalry brother)
Kuugita (rivalry sister)
Status Alive

Arcadias is the original Beast Spirit and entity of Evolution Gods. He was borned from Samuel's All Rider Memory Erase and caused many universes merged into one. Arcadias gone crazy and brutly raging on the universes, but the universes was changed then he rampage the every civilizations. However, Arcadias was sealed by Burajin's End of Life before he turned into coffin statue. Unfortunately, it was released by The King Goblisaurus and create powerful magic until the Beast Spirit was corrupted at once by The King Goblisaurus' black magic before he was defeated by Roadenicle's, Juicequito's and Shadowcondor's combined attack and barely escaped.


Reveal the BeastEdit

After King Goblisaurus was freed from black magic, he revealed the corrupted Arcadias is actually the original Beast Spirit until he used black magic to curse on him. He was beaten by three Titan Beasts' combined attack and escaped barely.