The ancient Regal Mammoth is a Regal Mammoth that has lived for over 50 million years and is still alive. It is the stuff of legend and is often spoken of in hushed whispers. Its capture level is over 800 due to its long life. It is proven to exist by a sample of tissue at Biotope 1. The IGO has stated that it is to be capture alive and any attempt to kill it harbors the death penalty. It was said that the Jewel Meat on this mammoth was the Meat for Acacias full course meal.The mammoth to many cryptozooligists is thoughtto be the holy grail of elusive animals. it is one of the ingredients under the protection of the Dharma Hermit in the Gourmet World.


  • There have been theories and myths concerning the present Regal Mammoth's small vestigial wings, which were once believed to have been full size and used for flight in ancient times. It is suspected that the Ancient Regal Mammoth may still posses these legendary functioning wings due its long existence..