Vital statistics
Title Adad of Thunder, Chef of Storms, Sibling of Wind
Gender Male
Race Sibling
Skills Thunder-Tower Cooking
Abilities Lightning Manipulation, Διος Λογχη
Full course Unfinished
Affiliations The Siblings, City of the High Palace
Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner None

Adad of Thunder, also known as the Chef of Storms, is one of the Great Sibling of the City of the High Palace, and one of the personal chefs to the cities ruler, King of the High Palace.

Having crafted a reputation for himself in the City of the High Palace, Adad is known simply as the Sibling of Wind due to his weather and lightning type abilities. Calm, collected but unmistakably talented, Adad is regarded as the strongest of the Siblings and a master of lightning resistant ingredients. Having been called one of the greatest chefs in the Gourmet World, Adad lives up to his various titles by being a masterful chef and a deadly combatant. Able to summon lightning that can rend apart even reinforced metals to dust, the young chef is on a far different level to other lightning users and had only been matched once by the great chef, Tengu Buranchi, whom Adad considers a personal rival.

He is also ranked number 5 in IGO's Gourmet World Chef rankings.