Επιλογές της Geshi
Other Names Epilogés ti̱s Geshi (Picks of Geshi), Spears of the Night
Creator(s) (Unknown) Currently wielded by Ariio
Function Combat
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The Επιλογές της Geshi (Lit: Greek, Epilogés ti̱s Geshi (Picks of Geshi)) Also known as the Spears of the Night are a set of incredibly powerful dark spear like needles with mysterious and cursed powers. Unlike the other weapons used by the Siblings the Επιλογές της Geshi are employed solely for the use of combat, as they have no practical use in cooking. Forged from weapons carrying the grudges and blood of fallen warriors, chefs, bishokuya, saiseiya and otherwise, each of the uncountable spears is said to contain the soul of one of the fallen and such harbors their unrelenting hatred for life and the living. Only a master of Darkness cooking could ever hope to master such a terrible weapon. Fitting that, the weapons are currently wielded by Ariio of Shadow, though how he came to obtain them is unknown.